11/29/18 - A special thank you to Reckitt Benckiser plc and its marketing director Gregory Chabidon and distinguished CEO Christopher Sinclair for donating $100,000 to Canceragogo. This selfless donation will immediately be put to judicious work in helping to cure medulloblastoma the brain cancer that felled dear Errol McDowell.
These recent donations will be distributed immediately to Dr's Sabine Mueller/Robert Wechsler-Reya's Measles Virus/TNFa medulloblastoma trial at UCSF, Dr. Samuel Cheshier at U of Utah (CD47 pioneer), and to Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research.


Thank you so much for donating to Canceragogo. Your efforts have helped suffering children across the country. Today (9/12/18) a Canceragogo check for $37,000 was sent to Coastal Kids Home Care in Monterey, California. In June $10,000 was given to the family of Braden Patrick Miller of New Lothrop, Michigan who is battling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), and could not afford a novel treatment. In May 2018 $25,000 was given to Al Musella's Foundation, which funds sundry cancer research labs. Also in May $25,000 was given to Duke University (Dr. David Ashley Lab) to research the effectiveness of the CMV virus against medulloblastoma.

Also in 2018:
$100,000 to the University of Utah, Sam Cheshier Lab.
$75,000 to UCSF Sabine Mueller Lab.
$25,000 to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
$25,000 Fred Hutch, James Olson Lab.
$25,000 Cedars Sinai, John Yu Lab.
$15,000 McMaster University, Sheila Singh Lab.
$25,000 UCSF Foundation.
$50,000 Innovate Pharma Ltd, UK. Clinical Trials for liquid aspirin vs brain cancer.

There were other distributions in 2018 and 2017, including $325,000 to Sanford Burnham and Modularix. Donations have come from the extended Canceragogo family, the McDowell Family, and friends of Errol McDowell. Despite a furious, valiant and graceful effort our son Errol, 18, died at home in our arms on June 13th, 2018 after a 6 year battle against brain cancer. We will miss him forever. On behalf of Errol and every child -indeed person- battling cancer, we thank you. And please continue to spread the word about Canceragogo.com. Gratefully, Rider, Victoria, Mac, and Piers McDowell.