Thank you so much for donating to Canceragogo. Your efforts have helped suffering children across the country. Today (9/12/18) a Canceragogo check for $37,000 was sent to Coastal Kids Home Care in Monterey, California. In June $10,000 was given to the family of Braden Patrick Miller of New Lothrop, Michigan who is battling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), and could not afford a novel treatment. In May 2018 $25,000 was given to Al Musella's Foundation, which funds sundry cancer research labs. Also in May $25,000 was given to Duke University (Dr. David Ashley Lab) to research the effectiveness of the CMV virus against medulloblastoma.

Also in 2018:
$100,000 to the University of Utah, Sam Cheshier Lab.
$75,000 to UCSF Sabine Mueller Lab.
$25,000 to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
$25,000 Fred Hutch, James Olson Lab.
$25,000 Cedars Sinai, John Yu Lab.
$15,000 McMaster University, Sheila Singh Lab.
$25,000 UCSF Foundation.
$50,000 Innovate Pharma Ltd, UK. Clinical Trials for liquid aspirin vs brain cancer.

There were other distributions in 2018 and 2017, including $325,000 to Sanford Burnham and Modularix. Donations have come from the extended Canceragogo family, the McDowell Family, and friends of Errol McDowell. Despite a furious, valiant and graceful effort our son Errol, 18, died at home in our arms on June 13th, 2018 after a 6 year battle against brain cancer. We will miss him forever. On behalf of Errol and every child -indeed person- battling cancer, we thank you. And please continue to spread the word about Canceragogo.com. Gratefully, Rider, Victoria, Mac, and Piers McDowell.