As of January 31st, 2020 Canceragogo will be moving to PayPal exclusively and will no longer be using MobileCause (we found their fees prohibitive - remember every dollar counts). We're always looking for your advice on the best fundraising portals, but for now we're using only PayPal. Thanks!

'A special shout out to Monterey County Sheriff's Deputy Pete Ramos. Pete is a cancer survivor whom I met today, and after some kind words, he handed me a dollar for Canceragogo. This is exactly the sense of community my son Errol wished to engender. "Dad," he would say, "Just one dollar from every American and we could cure this thing that's battling me. So no other kid would have to go through this." This was exactly who Errol was, brave, tough and kind. Our hero. So I gratefully accepted Pete's dollar, handed him a Canceragogo card, and asked him to spread the word.'

WIM HOF to strengthen the immune system.
The Wim Hoff method, which uses deep breathing exercises and cold water immersion to stimulate and strengthen the body's immune system, is fascinating. As scientists learn more about the importance of the body's immune system to fight off cancer recurrence, things that safely support and strengthen the immune system, should be considered. You can learn about the technique free on line (Youtube.com).

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